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Science Day


We had an amazing science day today! We did lots of interesting science investigations about light and dark, Mrs Parker had such fun doing them with us that she forgot to take any pictures!


But it was okay because we had a wonderful science show from "Science2Life". It was fantastic and she remembered to take lots of pictures of it. We all really enjoyed it and learned a lot about different types of forces.

It was World Book Day today and we had a wonderful time. We were looking at the book "Monkey Puzzle" by Julia Donaldson. Mrs Parker was dressed up as the butterfly and Jake was dressed as the monkey.


We went to Miss Beattie's class to play a game, Mrs Slyth's class to make a butterfly and to Mrs O'Neile's class to make some noise! in our classroom we looked at how monkey felt during the story and we thought about lots of vocabulary about emotions.


In the afternoon an author came to talk to us and she read us one of her books. We really enjoyed it.

We had great fun today with our special 4 Star Pizza lunch!!

It was our prize for collecting the most money in our Smartie tubes

Castle Espie Trip
What a lot of very scary pirates!!

Performing our Pirate rap for the P2s.