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Term 1a

In P3 we have had an exciting start to the new school year, getting to know each other and making new friends. 

We have enjoyed learning about ourselves through our theme ‘All About Me’ and have learnt about many different body parts, our 5 main senses and how to look after ourselves.  We investigated how we change as we grow older and learn to do more things.  We were so excited to have a baby and toddler visit our class to see what they could and couldn’t do. 

We have also been on a class trip to Mountstewart and had great fun exploring our senses in all sorts of different ways.  Have a look at our photos to see the Autumn activities we enjoyed within the beautiful grounds at Mountstewart.

In mental maths we have all been learning how to use counting on/counting back to add and subtract quickly and easily in our head.  We have also been collecting data and using this to create block graphs.  We enjoyed sorting many different items using Venn and Carroll diagrams.

We have also been learning how to write an interesting recount and how important it is to use special words such as time connectives and adjectives.  We have written recounts of our holidays and our weekend news..

We have also been learning many new skills each week in P.E.  We have learnt how to look for and move into spaces and also to move in different ways and on different levels.

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