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Term 1A

Working Hard in Maths

In P6 we have been working very hard on our times tables. We are trying to get the answers to our times tables within 3 seconds. This has helped us when we do our multiplying sums.

We were given the challenge to build some office flats. Each group had two colours of unifix cubes. We had to come up with all the possible colour combinations to build three, four and five storey flats. We then identified that the number of possibilities displayed a pattern.

As part of our recount writing we planned our own crime. To help us with this we got into groups to bring together lots of ideas. We each had a very important role. Some people were writers – their job was to write for the group. Others were instructors – their job was to help the writer. We also had reporters who reported back to the class and managers who made sure each group completed the task in the correct time. We then planned and wrote our own crime recount.

As part of our Titanic topic we had the chance to build our own ship. Our challenge was to use only the materials provided to build a ship that would float for 30 seconds holding 10 marbles. We planned our investigation and then tested our ships. We were very pleased that every group completed the challenge!