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Term 2



As part of our topic on forces we were investigating how gravity worked on an object. We went to the adventure playground and tested objects to see how fast they would fall to the ground. We discovered that the weight and shape of the object determined how fast an object falls to the ground.

In pairs we made toy cars and tested them on a wooden ramp to see which car would travel the furthest. We then tested them on different surfaces such as carpet, wood, kitchen roll and bubble wrap to see what effect friction would have on them.

Accelerated Reader – Pizza Party


Our class won a pizza party for reading the most books within a week as part of the accelerated reader programme.

Pancake Tuesday


On Pancake Tuesday we made pancakes. Everyone helped to mix the batter and then we flipped our own pancake on the grill!

World Book Day


On World Book Day we made a book review in the shape of a pencil and book marks. We also participated in a book swap where you were allowed to read a chapter of your friend’s book.

Victorian Day


It was a very different school day!



We have been working very hard to use scratch and create our own cartoon clip.

Story Writing


To help use write out own stories we worked in groups to help generate ideas.