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Pancake Tuesday - P2 Room 4

ICT - P2 Room 4

Number Day 2017 - P2 Room 4

Children's Book Week - P2 Room 4

Marble Challenge - P2 Room 4


We love P2 and painted our portraits using a mirror, showing the excellent time we have been enjoying with our new teacher.  Playing outside on the equipment in the beautiful sunshine made everyone smile.  It was exciting talking about our scrapbooks and discovering where people went on holiday.  Some of us went to Disneyland in the summer and shared amazing photographs.

In maths we have been working with numbers up to 13 which we have been using to count, sequence and reorder. We enjoyed creating our own pattern pictures. Everyone was good at sorting using Tree diagrams and Carroll diagrams!

 Our theme is ‘town and country’ and we compared the characteristics of each. We created our own town for a wall display with lots of coloured cars and houses. In our role play area we loved our house which we have now transformed into a Post Office.  It was fun making letters, cards, a letter box and a van. A farmer, we discovered, harvests his crop of wheat and grinds the seeds into flour.  We are hoping to make our own bread.

In P2 we read amazing stories which linked to our themes and we have been trying to write our own sentences.

Towerview Bug Hotel

Towerview Bug Hotel 1
You may have read the article in the Spectator about the Bug Hotel in Groomsport. We would like to have a go at making one in our Outdoor Play Area. However we need some help! If you have nay pieces of wood, shells or bricks that you no longer need could you please send them into school? Hopefully our bug hotel will be bugtastic!