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Year 2

Over The Rainbow

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We loved performing our song and signing during our Summer Service.

Whatever the weather!

More fun in P2 room 4!

We are having great fun in P2 Room 4 finding out about the town we live in and the countryside surrounding us. Look at out fabulous photographs!

News from P2 Room 6   -  September 2018

We have almost completed one month in P2 and we are all starting to learn new routines and are  rising to new challenges! Our theme is 'Town & Country' and we took time to establish what we already know about the town of Bangor and the surrounding countryside, before thinking about what we would like to find out. We looked at pictures of local buildings and landmarks and are now more aware of features of our locality. We have been busy during play creating towns with lego and junk materials. We have also designed towns using a computer app called 'Trudy's Time and Place House - the sand pit'. We could place icons on a grid such as roads, railway lines, lakes, rivers and buildings, then print it for display.

In our role play area, we have established a Post Office and have made greetings cards of all descriptions for sale, along with wrapping paper and stamps. We have wrapped boxes in paper and written addresses , then we place them on the scales to work out postage costs.

We have enjoyed two Friday challenges - the first was to place marbles on top on golf tees in a box of sand as quickly as possible. The second was to draw like Michael Angelo by lying on the floor and use crayons on paper attached to the underside of the table! We didn't quite manage a representation of the Sistine Chapel - but close!!!!

We have been looking at pattern in maths and making our own 2 or 3 part repeat patterns with real objects. We are working with numbers up to 13 and are learning more about number arrays. We are looking at concepts of 'more' and 'less' than and will discuss the difference between numbers. This is always tricky but we have lots of materials to help us understand.

We are discussing seasonal change and Harvest is approaching. We will learn lots of new songs and think about the crops grown locally.

In French we can now try to respond to simple greetings, name body parts, count to ten and name colours. We love songs to help us remember the vocabulary.

During PE we are working on balance and are expert at moving in a certain way then stopping to balance on 1,2,3 or 4 body parts!

We have fitted in a lot more but hopefully some of the photographs will help to tell our P2 story!


Whatever the Weather P2 Room 6