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Fun ideas to help you learn Mandarin:


Here are some fun links to help you continue learning about China and its culture and its language, Mandarin. Have fun with the resources and teaching your family Chinese!



In February we learnt how to buy items in a shop, focusing on how asking how much something is (多少钱? duo shao qian?), before moving on to talking about the weather (天气- tian qi).)

欢迎光临! (HUANYING GUANGLIN!- Welcome!) At the start of the this term we were very lucky to welcome Eason, a guest from China who has spent a few weeks staying in Bangor. We all enjoyed asking questions about Beijing and playing games together!

新年快乐 (xin jie kuai le- Happy New Year) from Mandarin Club! We have been very busy learning about the stories and traditions behind the Chinese New Year which is coming up this month. 春节快乐! (chun jie kuai le- happy Chinese New Year!)

你好! (ni hao- hello!) 欢迎光临 (huanying guanling- welcome!) We have been very busy so far this term. We have already learnt how to introduce ourselves and say how we are feeling, as well as the numbers to 10 and our colours! We enjoy learning through games and songs. We even made Chinese lanterns to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.