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This half term the current P.7’s have started as they mean to go on. They have been working strenuously in both Numeracy and Literacy, trying to cover all the facts and information that they covered in P.6 and extra! This is a very busy time for P.7s and they have been a real credit to Towerview, applying themselves fully to their work and the tasks that they are faced with.


As well as all the Numeracy and Literacy the children have also been enjoying studying ‘Our Wee Country’ as part of our World Around Us Topic. Within this area of study the pupils have learnt about where Northern Ireland is in the world, famous people from Northern Ireland that have had an impact on the world and how beautiful our wee country actually is. The children have begun to really appreciate what a great country it is that we live in!


This has been a both a fun and tough half term for the P.7 year group and we look forward to what is in store for the next two terms, including a special celebratory treat to mark the end of AQE, roll on the 2nd December!

P.7s love to solve maths problems

We've had to make a few difficult decisions already this year in our big votes.

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