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Mr McIlvenny

Welcome to P5!

There are 30 children in our class.

Our teacher is called Mr McIlvenny.

25.11.19 Special visit to P5 - NI Fire and Rescue Service

15th November 2019 Children in Need - Our colour was blue :)

15th November 2019 Children in Need - Our colour was blue :) 1

4th November – 8th November

Last week in P5 we did many different things. We did 2D and 3D shapes we did a walk to see all the shapes around Towerview. This week in Towerview Tappy says Respect so we drew Tappy for the new trait. In maths we did tangrams, we all made shapes some people did swans some did other ones. In literacy we learned about Guy Fawkes. We did a comprehension on him and the gunpowder plot. In P.E last week we did some games like a rock paper scissors game and a new game called cut the cake.  That’s most of the stuff new that we did last week J

By Ross


Shape walk around school

Our first half term in P5 – Art

This first half term our P5 class have done some artwork and we would love to show you it.

One of the pieces of art we did were rainbows. We went around the classroom and there were pictures of rainbows that would say people’s name’s we would write something nice about them.

Another one was skeletons we coloured all the bones on the page then cut them out. It was very fun to do we used split pins to put them together. At the end they looked really good. 

After we did Silhouettes we got a torch and got the outline of every body’s head on a piece of paper. After we all went on the computer and printed off things we liked and stuck them on. 

Then we did big names that were in bubble

writing and we coloured them in and then in any

way we liked and then Mr Mcllvenny laminated it and then stuck them up.

After that we did shorts and glasses. On

the shorts and glasses we

Wrote all about our holidays and where we went

And what we did.

We also did jigsaws where we had to colour them and draw in them something about ourselves. They ended up being really cool.

The last thing we did was mini people we made

them look like however we

wanted and then put them whereever

we liked around the classroom.



Half term - P.E

In PE we measured our heart rate by walking on the spot and sprinting. we have also been playing fire ball, stuck in the mud, a rock paper scissors game and bench ball. We also did circuit training which included sit ups, push ups, running , wall climbing , jumping ladders and cone jumping. By Bailey and Oliver H J