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Mrs Allman & Mrs Slyth's P4 Class

As part of our Ancient Egypt topic, we learnt about hieroglyphics and even had fun writing them! We also enjoyed Egypt based activities in ABL and we went pond dipping with Mrs Ellesmere!

We had fun playing number games and solving maths challenges during NSPCC Number Day on Friday.

Some of our lovely, bright new displays.

PE with our IFA coach, Martine. We impressed her with our listening and movement skills during our first session.

Art - Making Egyptian gold collars

Christmas Jumper Day!

We have started to learn about multiplication. In our first lesson we used cubes to help us.

We enjoyed some Christmas activities in Activity Based Learning!

We enjoyed playing the musical instruments that we had made!

We have been reviewing telling the time to o'clock, quarter past and half-past.

This term we have been working on coding. Have a look at our coding unplugged activity.

We have been having lots of fun in Activity Based Learning, learning about our topic 'Farm to Fork'.

Welcome to our class

Settling into P4. We have been learning about using capital letters and full stops correctly.

We have been learning about nouns and we are working hard.

Planning our Science experiment - we want to find out which materials will be conductors.

We have been using bar models to help us learn our stories of 7 and 8. Also, they have helped us to solve word problems.

We had to work out how to make a complete circuit using the equipment. After we had lit the light bulb, we tested different materials to see which were conductors and which were insulators.

As part of our WAU topic we discussed if animals should be kept in zoos or not.

We have been having fun doing ordering and sequencing maths games!

This month we are using trial and error as our problem solving strategy. We created these lovely Star Designs using this problem solving skill.

Experimenting with water colours and creating insect paintings.

Roald Dahl Week. We drew Aunt Sponge or Aunt Spiker after listenign to their descripions in the story 'James and the Giant Peach'. We had also watched a character drawing workshop by Quentin Blake

Fun Mental Maths Games.

We have enjoyed listening to 'The Carnival of the Animals' and responding through art and discussions. Can you guess which pieces we were listening to?

Lots of fun during Activity Based Learning!

We had lots of fun and learnt a lot during outdoor Activity Based Learning!