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Speech and Drama

Speech & Drama Club meets on Tuesdays. It is taken by Mrs English, with Mrs Parker taking alternate weeks. We explore the mood and structure of lots of different types of verse and plays such as tongue twisters; nonsense poems; duologues. We have looked at how the writing affects the way in which we deliver a performance when speaking aloud to an audience. In January things really hot up with preparation for the annual Bangor Speech festival! This year we had a record-breaking 80+ entrants gaining 18 placings and all entrants did themselves proud! Mrs Carson and Mrs Pollock help to prepare the children as it is a mammoth, but very worthwhile task. All of the children experience performing individually on a stage and this stands them in good stead for the annual Year 7 production. Many cast members in this year’s “Bugsy Malone” had “come up through the ranks” of performing at the Speech Festival and it is great to see how this develops their confidence and skills. These two events often generate a lifelong interest in Drama as the Year 7 children move to their new schools and continue their involvement in Dramatic activities!