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Term 2a

In this term we have enjoyed learning through our topic of ‘The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark’.  As well as reading this novel by Jill Tomlinson, we have had great fun learning about many different nocturnal animals.  We enjoyed researching facts about them in ICT so that we could write very interesting reports about a nocturnal animal of our choice.

As well as learning about nocturnal animals, we have been learning about light sources, light reflectors and materials that are opaque or transparent.  We investigated shadows by using torches in our classroom and created super shadow puppets!

In maths we have been learning how to add very large numbers by partitioning (splitting) the numbers into tens and units.  We can now add very large numbers mentally!  We have also been learning how to count coins and make given totals of money.  We have pretended to be shopkeepers to calculate the cost of different items in a shop and practised giving the correct change.

At the end of term we enjoyed a fantastic Number Day.  We took part in lots of fun games and challenges using the number 100.  We even completed 100 exercises!  We have now been in P3 for over 100 days and are 100 days smarter! smiley 

Problem solving- we were learning to work systematically!

ABL tasks for our new topic 'The owl who was afraid of the dark'

Using money in maths