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Weeks 5-8 (starting 4th May, 11th May, 18th May and 25th May)

We hope that you have been enjoying the extra literacy activities provided on our website! We would love to see pictures of the literacy games that you have been playing, as well as your beautiful handwriting and fantastic writing! We are looking forward to reading your poems and explanation writing. smiley


If you haven't completed the previous writing activities and would like to, then please do that before you start a new writing genre. 


New information:

Below you will find a Microsoft Sway presentation that contains 6 lessons on persuasive writing. We have now made this a 3 week block. Please do one lesson per day and do two of the lessons each week. We do not expect you to get one of these lessons done and your booklet. Instead, on the days you choose for writing you can do these lessons instead of your booklet. So by 22nd May you should have completed all 6 writing lessons.  


You will have seen persuasive writing before and it is all around us with adverts. When we are having World Around Us and 'thunk of the week' discussions in class we are saying our opinion and giving reasons, often to persuade others to think the same. This talking and listening work in terms 1 and 2 has helped in preparation of this writing style.


For literacy (and numeracy) we haven't specified which activities that you must do each day. Instead we have prepared a range of materials in your booklets and online. Remember, the lessons in this Sway presentation can be used instead of the literacy work in the booklet on the days you pick for writing. We have prepared extra literacy materials so that there are extension materials and a range of resources available. For literacy, each day you should be completing spellings, reading and a written task (from the booklet or online).     


If you haven't used Sway before it is like PowerPoint, but more interactive. In it there are videos, PowerPoints, Word documents and questions to think about.


Have fun learning about persuasive writing and we look forward to seeing examples of your posters and writing. Please email if you have any questions!   smiley