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Who's Who

Meet the staff that work in our school:


Senior Leadership Team - 


Acting Principal:     Mr D Massey


Acting Vice- Principal: Mr T Beckett


Head of Junior School (Nursery-P3): Mrs K Corry


Head of Senior School (P4-7): Mrs L Parker




Junior School :

Nursery am & pm:  Mrs Carson

Year 1:

Mrs Ellesmere and Mrs Nelson and Miss Gray

Year 2:

Mrs Corry and Mrs Hamilton

Year 3:

Miss Beattie and  Mrs C Parker     



Senior School:

Year 4:Mrs O'Neile and Mrs Allman/ Mrs Slyth

Year 5:

Mr Lawther and Mr McIlvenny

Year 6:

Mrs L Parker and Mrs Pollock/Mrs Chapman

Year 7:

Mr Beckett and Mrs Hill





Moderate Learning Difficulties Unit: Mrs Norton




Foundation Assistants

Classroom Assistants (SEN)

& General Assistants

Building Supervisor

P1 Mrs L Mahaffy

P1 Ms A Caldwell

Mr L Boyd

P1 Mrs F Kernaghan

P1 & Unit Mr C Moss


P2 Mrs C Dunlop

P2 Mrs D Sweeney

Cleaning Staff

P2 Mrs H Bennett

P3 Mrs P Norwood

Mrs A Miskelly


P3 Mrs C Ferris

Mrs G McCauley

Nursery Assistant

P4 Mr W Campbell


Miss L McGimpsey

P4 Mrs D Taylor






P5 Mrs A Barlow



P7 Mrs S Forsythe

Catering Supervisor


P7 Mrs N Gibson

Mrs J Heaslip

Executive Officer

P7 Mrs L Andrews


Mrs H McGimpsey

P7 Mrs J Hedley

Catering Assistant

Clerical Officer

P7 Mrs S Moore

Mrs R Burton

Mrs F Kernaghan

Unit Mrs S Anderson

Mrs L McCready

General Assistant

Mrs P Houston             


Mrs K Carberry

Mrs L Carr