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Our TAPS Programme


There is a mouse about the house, or in this case, the school! Tappy, the foot tapping mouse is a key member of Towerview Primary School along with the members of his TAPS gang comprising of Tom, Abbie, Polly and Simon (in the form of large scale puppets). They are here to help the children remember how to care for and to look out for each other and also how to learn more about themselves.

The TAPS programme is part of a Pastoral Care initiative which is established in the school as the direct result of North Down Borough Council’s Sister Cities connection with Virginia Beach in the USA.


This programme looks at a particular character trait – such as respect, honesty, kindness and so on - each month or two months during which time the pupils experience total immersion in that trait. Examples of good character are demonstrated by way of a drama involving staff, pupils and puppets.

All the pupils will have constant reminders about the character trait for the month and will discuss, in class, examples of good character for each trait. Our school Pastoral Care Team have developed this programme over the past year to fit in with our Personal Development and Mutual Education (PDMU) curriculum. The programme is designed to encourage the children’s personal development in morality and citizenship, both of which are central aspects of all societies and religions.